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The 21 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

By: Julie Michelle Smith

17. The Popped Collar

Popped Collar

We'd add a funny caption, but the photo pretty much says it all.

18. Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads

There's absolutely no need for a girl to have the shoulders of an adult rugby player on steroids.

19. Mullets


We'd have hoped that the mullet would have died a slow death, but we still see guys walking around with dead rodents on their heads. Aweful!

20. Fanny Packs

Fanny Pack Hogan

Not even Hulk Hogan can make a fanny pack look cool -- though it does divert the attention from his mop and bucket.

21. Aloha Shirts / Tie Dye

Hawaiian ShirtWe really don't get why someone would want to be a walking cause of epilepsy.

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