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The 21 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

By: Julie Michelle Smith

Fashion Faux Pas

Expressing your individuality? We're all for it. But some things just shouldn't be worn in public.

Next time you go out shopping for clothes, make sure to keep this list in mind.

1. Oversized Handbags

Cameron Diaz with Oversized Handbag

We're probably not going to make ourselves popular with this, but face it: oversized handbags look absurd on anyone. What are you going to tuck into that bag anyway, your 2 feet long cellphone? Don't think it's cool because celebrities (we're looking at you, Cameron) like to walk around with those things: they look ridiculous as well, but no one dares to say it.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized Sunglasses

What do Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have in common? Exactly: they all look silly when they wear their huge sunglasses. No, it's not pretty, stylish or anything positive. Just stay away from those things.

3. Chihuahuas (or other domestic animals)

Paris with her Dogs

Animals don't make nifty fashion accessoires: not when they're alive, nor when they're dead.

4. Crocs

Jack Nicholson and George Bush wearing Crocs

There's no excuse for wearing Crocs, not even if you work as a nurse or as a poolboy. Socks in Crocs, George? We're speechless.

5. The Marilyn Monroe look

Katherine Heigl as Monroe

It was cool when Cristina did it. Then Katherine Heigl did it, and it was still sort of cool. But please, for the love of God, don't do this if you're not a celebrity. Unless it's for a Halloween party.

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