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[American Idol] Where Are They Now?

By: Vicky S.

Christina Christian

Christina Christian (Sixth Place)

Successful? NO

In 2008 Christina was part of the docu-film, Celia the Queen in which she played a young Celia Cruz. The film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. That same year, Christina was selected as part of the new advertising campaign for urban clothing brand WCKD, a division of South Pole. She has not released an album yet, nor is it known if she ever will.

Ryan Starr

Ryan Starr (Seventh Place)

Successful? NO

In late 2004, Ryan purchased a house on the Santa Monica coastline with an estimated value of $3.4 million. She has released a few singles, but never a full album.

In early April of 2007, voted Ryan second sexiest American Idol in history; narrowly behind Katharine McPhee. She has formed a band called Aces.

Ejay Day

EJay Day (Ninth Place)

Successful? NO

EJay is currently a performer on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Voyager of the Seas. He has never released an album.

Jim Verraros

Jim Verraros (Ninth Place)

Successful? NO

Jim is currently busy filming the movie 'Pizza on Sunset', in which he plays the part of Romeo. The movie is expected to come out somewhere in 2008. He released three albums, which sold poorly.

We were unable to find anything about A.J. Gil. Are you a fan? what happened to him!

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