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[American Idol] Where Are They Now?

By: Vicky S.

Trenyce Cobbins (Fifth Place)

Successful? NO

Trenyce starred in the production "Love in the nick of tyme" and was in the musical production of Dreamgirls in Indianapolis as the lead. According to her Myspace she's currently 'looking forward to expressing her individuality as a singer/songwriter,writer, model, actress, producer, spokesperson, and founder of a performing arts school in my hometown of Memphis TN.'

Carmen Rasmusen (Sixth Place)

Successful? NO

Her debut single, "Nothin' Like the Summer" was released on April 24, 2007 and the debut album with the same name was released on August 28, 2007. In the fall of 2007, Carmen released a book. "Staying in Tune" discusses how she's been able to uphold her values while involved with the entertainment industry.

Kimberly Caldwell (Seventh Place)

Successful? YES

She currently co-hosts both Idol Chat and Idol Tonight on TV Guide Network. In 2008 Kimberly released two singles, "Fear of Flying" and "Gave Yourself Away." These songs are available for download on iTunes. Kimberly went on a date with American Idol winner David Cook after he asked her out on the red carpet at the Season 7 finale, but the two didn't date again.

Rickey Smith (Eigth Place)

Successful? NO

We have no idea what happened to him since his appearance on American Idol. Rickey if you read this, let us know!

Corey Clark (Disqualified)

Successful? NO

Corey's self-titled first album was released in June 2005. Although the making of the album was highly publicized, the final product received minimal promotion or radio play. In July 2007, Corey was arrested in North Little Rock, Arkansas for possession of a controlled substance and for an outstanding warrant from Arizona. He also claimed to have been in a relationship with Paula Abdul for a while, which she always denied.

Julia DeMato (Tenth Place)

Successful? NO

Living in her home town of Brookfield, and working once more as a cosmetologist, Julia has given occasional concerts in that area of Connecticut, but has otherwise not been heard from. In December, 2005, she made a brief return to the news when she was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine, as well as driving while intoxicated after failing a field sobriety test.

Charles Grigsby (Eleventh Place)

Successful? NO

Charles released his self-titled album on July 21, 2005. Not much was heard from him since then, though he regularly logs on to his Myspace

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