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25 Things To Do in Dubai

By: David E.

17. Camel and Horse racing

Camel Racing, a sport rooted deep in Arab tradition, is very popular in the Emirates. Originally the races were set in an informal setting, for example during marriages or festivals. Nowadays special race tracks have been built throughout the whole country: races are organized from October to April.

18. Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome is the first full-fledged motor sport facility in the Middle East. It includes a 5.39 km long FIA approved race track, an international standard pit lane, and a grandstand which accommodates more than 7000 spectators.

19. Wild Wadi

Next to the Jumeirah Beach hotel you can find the Wild Wadi: a water theme park that caters to both thrill-seekers and families. It features some of the tallest and fastest water slides on earth.

20. Wadi Bashing

A popular way of recreation for both locals and tourists:: a visit to a wadi (a dry river bed at the foot of the Hajar mountain chain) is a great day out.

21. Water Sport

There is an abundance of water sport activities to be enjoyed in and around Dubai. You can go sailing, diving, water-skiing or even surfing and parasailing.

22. Flying Trips

One of the most spectacular ways to see Dubai is from the air. Whether you fly in a helicopter, a Cessna or in a hot air balloon, it is of an unforgettable beauty to see the desert, the city and the artificial islands from a bird's perspective. Trips have to be booked 7 days in advance.

The Burj Dubai is the world's tallest building.

23. Burj Dubai

The Burj Dubai is a feat of modern engineering which you don't want to miss. With a staggering 2,625 feet, this tower offers some amazing views. The Burj Dubai is the world's tallest building, it's even taller than the Taipei 101.

24. Musandam

On a bit over an hour and a half drive from Dubai you find Musandam, an Omani enclave within the UAE with an almost Scandinavian coast line. The many fjords and small islands offer a comfortable home to an impressive marine life. Whether you go diving, snorkeling or take a trip on a Dhow to watch the dolphins, visiting Musandam is worth the effort.

25. Abu Dhabi

On a distance of approximately an hour and a half of Dubai lies Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates. Abu Dhabi is a modern city with a large expat community. The overwhelming Emirates Palace hotel is one of the highlights.

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