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Gifts For Geeks: 10 Must-Visit Online Stores

By: Donna Smith & Robert S.

Monkeys, pirates, ninjas and robots: those are the four magic keywords you need to remember when you're shopping for a gift for your geek friend.

Don't want to get out of your comfy chair to find great gifts? Give these ten online stores a chance!

1. Whatisblik


At first this web store may not seem like the obvious place to shop for geek gifts, but if you look further, you'll discover they have the most awesome wall decals ever. Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Giant Robots, amongst others, can all decorate the wall of the geek's study.

2. Bookpool


Bookpool has about every technical book that ever existed in the history of mankind, and they offer them at great prices, too. Definitely worth a visit!

3. Jameco & Robot Store &


On Jameco you find stuff that will make every electrogeek drool, including semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power sources and specialty products. If the geek you're buying a gift for likes robots, you should also check out Jameco's little brother:

4. DealExtreme / KaiDomain /


I think we all agree that obscure gadgets from Hong Kong are pretty dang cool. But what makes DealExtreme and KaiDomain so special, is the availability of laser pointers, consumer electronics, practical jokes and video games -- at extremely low prices (50mW green laser pointers for $20!)

5. Apple Store

Not every geek will appreciate Apple products, so it's wise to find out more about his or her love for Apple before you go shopping, but most geeks will probably be very happy with an Apple gadget or gift certificate.

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