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Top 20 Shockingly Skinny Celebrities

By: Jacky W.

14. Kate Moss

Kate Moss

There's no doubt that Kate Moss is naturally skinny, but using cocaine has probably had its influence as well. NOT hot.

13. Cheryl Cole

Chery Cole Cheryl Cole

Cheryl seems to be walking on stilts, even if she isn't. For some reason her body seems all wrong: where the heck have her hips gone?

12. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Nicole Richie

Even though she looks much healthier and happier than before her pregnancy, we would still like to see Nicole Richie gain some weight.

11. Teri Hatcher

Teri HatcherTeri Hatcher

We're not sure Superman would still be attracted to Teri Hatcher as skinny as she looks right now. Maybe work out a little less, Teri?

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