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Top 10 Must-Have Firefox 3 Add-Ons

By: Julie Michelle Smith

5. BugMeNot 2.0

If you dislike having to register for sites just to view content as much as we do, install this add-on. You'll be able to log in by using the shared user names of

4. United States English Dictionary

Automatically spell checks text you type into the browser. At last: no more typos!

3. IE tab

Add-on that is especially great for web developers: load a tab into Firefox that shows the page as it'd be displayed with Internet Explorer.

2. Update Scanner

If a site doesn't have RSS but you still want to regularly check it for updates, install this add-on.

1. Yet Another Smooth Scrolling

Finally there's a way to scroll web pages the way you want to. Installing this add-on makes a huge difference!

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