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Top 10 Essential Wii Games

By: Matthew S.

5. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Ages: 12+

Why we love it:

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was one of the reasons for us to buy a Wii, cause the game is remarkably beautiful and makes great use of the wiimote. You play as Link, a gentle, slightly shy boy who lives in a village and herds goats, yet ends up having to save the world, that's infected by twilight. From that moment on, you'll have to solve puzzles, collect items and fight bosses. Some of the puzzles may be a little hard for younger children, but they're definitely not impossible to solve.

Another reason we love Legend of Zelda: TP: it will take about 40 hours to complete -- that's really long --great value!

4. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Ages: 12+

Why we love it:

You don't need to have any talent in order to rock out with Guitar Hero III. Just push the five buttons on your guitar at the right time and the audience will go wild. Finally you can be a rockstar while playing music of Metallica, the Rolling Stones, Foghat, The Who, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Slipknot and many others.

The great thing about the game is not just the feeling that you can actually make music, but also the amount of music, the unlockables and the online game options. This is definitely one of those games you want to play at the end of a long day at work, just to blow off a bit of steam and listen to great music.

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Ages: 12+

Why we love it:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a multiplayer-centric series of 2D fighting games. You can fight with and against all characters that Nintendo (and some third-party developers) ever brought forth, including Mario, Link, Sonic and Pikachu. The goal of the game is to knock your opponents out of the arena. The game mechanics are really simple, which makes it a great party game.

The game can also be played online, which is even more fun than the singleplayer adventure mode. Beware though: most of the online opponents are really good at the game, so winning will be harder than offline. Overall: great entertainment value -- a must-have Wii game for sure.

2. No More Heroes

Ages: 16+

Why we love it:

First off, this is not a game for younger kids, but adults will love it. In the game you play as character Travis Touchdown. The game has a free roaming world, allowing Travis to move around freely on foot or on his motorcycle. The goal of the game is to kill the top ten assassins. There are also several part-time jobs you can take on to earn money.

This game is a gem because of the incredible writing, the amazing visual style and the easy-to-learn controls. Everything about the game just feels right. Highly recommended.

1. Super Mario Galaxy

Ages: 6+

Why we love it:

If you own a Wii, this is one of the games you really need to have. Super Mario Galaxy doesn't only offer the most beautiful graphics, but it's also good for hours and hours of plain fun.

You play as Mario, who has to travel from galaxy to galaxy in order to collect Power Stars. Mario is given moves that take advantage of the wiimote's motion sensing. Eight power-ups supply Mario with special costumes that grant him new abilities: for example a multifunctional bee suit. There's a multiplayer mode where the second player can collect star bits, which can be thrown to stun enemies. The game will take about 30 hours to complete.

Other great games that didn't make the list, but are still worth buying: Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Resident Evil 4, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Rock Band, Lego Indiana Jones.

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