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Get More Energy After Work

By: Donna Smith

Tired at Work

When you get home after work, do you still have the energy to make dinner, exercise or spend quality time with your family?

If the answer is no, you should really consider making these eight changes to your daily routine. Don't let your work drain out your energy: it is possible to feel more energized during the day.

1. Let your job inspire you

Don't choose a job that pays well or is close to your home, just for those reasons. Obviously it's not always easy to find a job that is a source of inspiration, but even if you're already employed, always keep looking and applying for jobs that appeal to you more -- until you feel you found your dream job. If you don't, you'll quickly find out that you got weary of your job: it will drain your energy quicker than anything.

Aim for a job with enough changes to stay interesting in the long term, even if it pays less or is further away from home. You may come home from work later, but the time you get to spend with your family will be more intensive and more satisfying.

2. Take action

If there are things that bug you about your current job, don't just accept those nuisances without doing anything. Try to think of ways to achieve a change. For instance, if you feel like you aren't being noticed enough on the work floor, talk to your boss about your desire to stand out more. If you believe you and your coworkers have to do a lot of useless work that could be done much quicker, propose a new procedure. Feedback and autonomy are important to feel happy at work. Don't wait for others to come to you: if you want change, initiate it.

3. Don't let your coworkers get you down

Nothing is worse for your motivation than a bunch of sarcastic, bored coworkers. You will drag each other down, especially if you work in a team and depend on each other. The reverse is also true: if your coworkers are motivated, it will do wonders for your own motivation. As long as there's just one coworker with a negative attitude, try to solve the problem by communicating to him or her. If the entire team is at fault, there's really little you can do: perhaps it's time to find a different job.

Breakfast4. Nourish your body

Make sure that your blood sugar levels are steady and in a healthy range throughout the day. If your blood sugar is too low or too high, it can cause you to feel tired. Your blood sugar level is affected by what you eat. If you haven't eaten enough in the morning, your blood sugar is likely to be too low. The result is that you'll be starving for food later on the day. To avoid having a blood sugar level that's too low, start the day with a healthy breakfast: eat plenty of whole-grain bread or cereal, fruit, proteins (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and some fat (some butter, for instance.)

5. Take a break

You probably know the feeling of exhaustion after a long flight. If you don't take small breaks from work sometimes, you'll feel the same way. Stretch your muscles regularly to avoid waste in your muscle mass to heap up. It also increases the muscle's ability to bring in nutrients. Don't always take the elevator to go to a different floor, but also take the stairs sometimes. Doing breathing exercises now and then will help you to relax and feel rested.

6. Catch more daylight

Natural light increases the body's production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is essential for a healthy mood and good energy. To avoid getting a chronic depression or feeling tired all the time, it's important you catch enough light during the day. If possible, try to get a desk next to a window, and take walks outside during lunch breaks.

7. Remain active

Even if you feel tired when you get home after work, it's important you don't just fall down on the couch to watch tv. Instead try to do something more active, like exercising or visiting friends. If you keep doing that for a few weeks in a row, you'll notice you will automatically feel more energized after work.

8. Get more sleep

This may seem obvious, but it's amazing how many people are tired just because they don't get enough sleep at night. An average person will need 8 hours of sleep for the body to completely refresh itself. To make it easier to fall asleep, refrain from watching TV or using the computer for half an hour before bedtime. Also make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet enough: removing noisy clocks will greatly improve your night's rest.

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