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20 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

By: Tom S.

Make Money Fast

Need money fast? These ideas won't make you a millionaire, but they're great if you need cash as quickly as possible.

The following is a list of twenty easy yet legal ways to make money fast.

1. Host a garage sale or yard sale

First collect all the things around your house that you no longer need. Make an inventory of the items you collected and give them price tags. Set a date and place for your garage sale (choose a sunny day!) and hang signs in your neighborhood. If your display is visually attractive, you'll sell more, so spend a little extra attention to that.

2. Get an easy job

In fast food restaurants such as the Burger King there's always a need for extra personnel. Don't like the smell of greasy burgers? Get a paper route. You can do this in the morning, before the regular workday starts, so you'll still have time for your daytime job or to take care of your children.

3. Do gardening services

There are plenty of people who make money mowing lawns: it's not just a summer job for children. You can also offer to weed or haul gardening rubbish to the dump for extra money.

4. Open a lemonade stand

You can make good money selling lemonade, especially on hot summer days. If you have kids, take them along with you.

5. Panhandle

Don't do this in your own city if you're afraid to be recognized. Wear your oldest clothes and take a sign with you. Try to look poor and sad, but friendly.

6. Sell on eBay or Craigslist

Selling things on eBay or Craiglist can be a great alternative for a garage sale. Research the sites to find out how much things sell for. You can also buy things on one site and sell them for a higher price at the other.

If you see a poor product description on eBay, you can contact the seller and offer to reqrite his description for a small fee.

7. Sell things at a pawnshop

If you had gadgets or jewelry lying around that others might value, you can bring them to the pawnshop. Decide in advance how much money you want to raise: that way the pawnbroker can help you get the amount you need.

8. Become a day laborer

There are employment agencies that specialize in this type of arrangement, and you can get paid at the end of the workday. You can also check your local newspaper or internet classifieds to find quick labor gigs.

9. Give plasma

US law allows plasma centers to compensate donors for their time. It takes about two hours to donate a unit of plasma. You can give plasma up to twice a month. Keep your fat intake low the day before -- fat slows the blood flow, so you'll have to sit there longer.

10. Perform household services

Let people in your neighborhood know that you're looking to earn some extra cash. You can clean houses, bake for people or drive them. Don't be shy to charge a decent rate.

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