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The Big List of Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names

By: Vicky S.

Ridiculous Celeb Baby Names

What do an apple, a camera and the messiah have in common? Correct: they're all the names of celebrity children.

The following is a list with the most ridiculous celebrity baby names, divided into six categories.

The Edibles:

Diva Muffin Zappa

Diva Muffin Zappa can smile into the camera all she wants, we all know she's crying on the inside.

Apple (girl) (Gwyneth Paltrow)

Peanut Kai (boy) (Ingo Rademacher)

Peaches Honeyblossom (girl) (Bob Geldof / Paula Yates)

Sunday Rose (girl) (Nicole Kidman / Keith Urban)

Diva Muffin (girl) (Frank Zappa)

The Nature Lovers:

Poppy Honey (girl) (Jamie Oliver)

Dusti Raine (girl) (Vanilla Ice)

Daisy Boo (girl) (Jamie Oliver / Jools Oliver)

Autumn (girl) (Forest Whitaker)

Ocean Alexander (boy) (Forest Whitaker)

Forest Whitaker and kids

You know you're screwed when your dad's name is Forest, but seriously; 'Ocean', 'Autumn, 'Sonnet' and 'True'?

Lola Daisy (girl) (Roger Taylor / Deborah Len)

Bluebell Madonna (girl) (Geri Halliwell )

Keelee Breeze (girl) (Vanilla Ice)

Tiger Lily (girl) (Roger Taylor / Deborah Len)

The Pretentious:

Prince Michael (boy) (Michael Jackson)

Prince Michael II (boy) (Michael Jackson)

Paris Michael (girl) (Michael Jackson)

Princess Tiaamii (girl) (Jordan / Peter Andre)

Jermajesty (boy) (Jermaine Jackson)

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (girl) (Michael Hutchence / Paula Yates)

Justice (girl) (John Cougar Mellencamp / Vicky Granucci)

Chastity Sun Bono (girl) (Cher)

Ya'Majesty (girl) (T.I.)

Chastity Sun

Come to think of it, the name 'Chastity' wasn't even that far-fetched. (Cher on the left, Chastity on the right.)

Messiah (boy) (T.I.)

King (boy) (T.I.)

The Random Dictionary Picks:

Moon Unit (girl) (Frank Zappa)

Audio Science (boy) (Shannyn Sossamon / Dallas Clayton)

Banjo Patrick (boy) (Rachel Griffiths / Andrew Taylor)

Rocket Valentin (boy) (Robert Rodriguez / Elizabeth Avellan)

Racer Maximilliano (boy) (Robert Rodriguez / Elizabeth Avellan)

Pilot Inspektor (boy) (Jason Lee)

Moxie CrimeFighter (girl) ( Penn Jillette / Emily Jillette)

Spec Wildhorse (boy) (John Cougar Mellencamp / Elaine Irwin)

Camera (girl) (Arthur Ashe / Jeanne Moutoussamy)

Hopper (boy) (Sean Penn / Robin Wright)

Alcamy (girl) ( Lance Henriksen / Mary Jane Henriksen)


You may like his name now, but what if Kyd Duchovny grows up? We firmly believe that a fifty-year-old bearded guy should never be named 'Kyd'.

Hud (boy) (John Cougar Mellencamp / Elaine Irwin) Free (boy) (Barbara Hershey / David Carradine)

Denim (boy) (Toni Braxton)

Diezel (boy) (Toni Braxton)

Memphis Eve (girl) (Bono)

Rumer (girl) (Bruce Willis)

Scout (girl) (Bruce Willis)

Sage Moonblood (girl) (Sylvester Stallone)

Ever Gabo (girl) (Milla Jovovich / Paul Anderson)

Kyd (boy) (David Duchovny / Tea Leoni)

Tu Morrow (girl) (Rob Morrow)

Gunner (boy) (Nikki Sixx)

Sonnet Noel (girl) (Forest Whitaker)

True Isabella Summer (girl) (Forest Whitaker)

Seven Sirius (boy) (Andre Benjamin / Erykah Badu)

Tu Morrow

Naming your daughter Tu is bad already, but when your last name is Morrow, it's brutal.

The Tongue Twisters:

Kal-el Coppola (boy) (Nicholas Cage / Alice Kim)

Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (boy) (Frank Zappa)

Seargeoh (boy) (Sylvester Stallone)

Rocco Kokopelli (boy) (David "Puck" Rainey / Betty Rainey)

Bogart Che Peyote (boy) (David "Puck" Rainey / Betty Rainey)

Zowie (boy) (David Bowie)

The Pet Names:

Rufus Tiger (boy) (Roger Taylor / Deborah Len)

Zoltan (boy) (Penn Jillette / Emily Jillette)

Fifi Trixibelle (girl) (Bob Geldof / Paula Yates)

Little Pixie (girl) (Bob Geldof / Paula Yates)

Teddy Jo (girl) (John Cougar Mellencamp / Vicky Granucci)

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