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50 Free Ways To Have Fun With Kids

By: Megan C.

26. Create a tent out of blankets.

27. Play freeze tag.

28. Go to the library.

29. Go to the beach or the forest.

30. Fly kites. You can also try to create your own kite.

31. Make homemade mini pizzas.

32. Make your own playing cards.

33. Make music with household devices.

34. Make new clothes out of old garments that you don't wear anymore anyway.

35. Learn the lyrics of your favorite songs.

36. Create an obstacle course.

37. Make Christmas decorations.

38. Make a map of your own neighborhood.

39. Throw waterballoons.

40. Make a diary.

41. Make clay figures.

42. Learn a foreign language.

43. Make beaded bracelets/necklaces.

44. Create a scrapbook.

45. Ride your bikes.

46. Play pirates in the backyard.

47. Make a poster collage.

48. Wash the car, or wash someone else's car.

49. Make up a scavenger hunt.

50. Work a jigsaw puzzle.

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