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Oh No, Same Dress!

By: Vicky S.

5. Gwyneth vs. Audrina

Gwyneth vs. Audrina

Verdict: Audrina absolutely does this dress more justice than Gwyneth. Plus: her shoes are a better match.


6. Jennifer vs. Eva

Jennifer vs. Eva

Verdict: They both look great in this dress. A draw.

7. America vs. Elisha

America vs. Elisha

Verdict: I'm not sure this dress goes so well with a fuller figure, but it looks plain boring on Elisha. 1-0 For America.

8. Cassie vs. Amerie

Cassie vs. Amerie

Verdict: It's hard to tell who looks better in this dress, but Cassie chose the better shoes.

9. Mary J vs. Kylie

Mary J. Blige vs. Kylie Minogue

Verdict: Kylie rocks this dress: sorry Mary J, you lose!

10. Mary J. vs. Vivica

Mary J. Blige vs Vivica Fox

Verdict: Once again Mary J. Blige wears the exact same dress as someone else. But this time, she's the better looking one.

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